Able Sport


Sharing my years of athletic experience with others and helping meet their goals

Krige Schabort: USAT Level 1 Certified Coach

For many years I have consulted, helped, motivated and coached my friends and fellow athletes. I have an ocean of experience to share and currently I have the opportunity to share this knowledge with USAT Paratriathlon as an assistant coach. I am coaching at Dare2tri camps and I am the coach of the Shepherd Center Racing Team out of Atlanta. Let me help you develop your racing and training techniques, your mental and tactical racing skills, and teach you to optimize your performance on your equipment.


We come up with a plan tailored to your individual needs: coaching via TrainingPeaks: $200/ month


Wheelchair or handcycle coaching tailored to your individual needs: coaching via TrainingPeaks $100/ month


Single or multisport camps: $200/ day (at my house including meals) or $150/ day (athlete stay at nearby hotel).

Come stay at my house (or nearby hotel) and train with me on the excellent variety of smooth roads on both hilly and flat courses- Learn from my Life Long Experience in the sport. This camp (as well as remote coaching) will be customized to your individual needs but can include many of the following services:


  • one-on-one assistance to assess your racing chair sitting position
  • positioning for the best aerodynamic flow
  • perform a Time Trial in the racing chair to monitor improvements
  • road, track or indoor trainer training sessions to identify strong and weak areas
  • learn to pace yourself and identify HR zones or learn to rate your effort level: Rate of Preserved Exertion (RPE)
  • build custom racing gloves
  • video footage for stroke analysis
  • packing and travel tips


  • optimize your positioning for increased power or speed
  • perform Functional Threshold Power tests to determine your training zones
  • how to use power, learn to pace yourself and identify HR zones or learn to rate your effort level: Rate of Preserved Exertion (RPE)
  • road sessions
  • bike assembly/disassembly, packing and travel tips


  • Swim sessions in EndlessPool or open water
  • swim video analysis to assess your swimming technique
  • Para-swimming specific drills
  • Come with best solution for wetsuit options


The combined results will help set you up with clear and reasonable goals and a decent training plan via TrainingPeaks