EXCEED 700C – by Able Sport / NEW Product


NEW – The EXCEED wheel is our brand new carbon fiber product. The 700c design is for a tubular tires, with 5 handrim attachment points. The wheel is slightly lenticular for radial stiffness, the camber cause stress on wheels and this design support the wheel with radial stiffness. Note the valve hole in the wheel is designed to accept most new tires without the need for valve extenders. Only select valve extenders if valve stem is shorter than 1,5” (3,5 cm).

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The 1/2" axle is removable and slides through a built in bearing sleeve, this allows the wheel to free spin when you tighten down hard on the axle. The removable axle is convenient for the traveling athlete, no axles poking holes in wheels or chance of damage. Testing proved the EXCEED wheel to be on par with its competition at a lower price.

$900 per wheel

Approximately 1000g per wheel


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