Handrims – 0.37″ (9,5mm) aluminium tubing, $200/set


Set of TWO made by Able Sport, x2 standoff options – wide 1/2” or 10mm second option close mount 3/8” or 10mm.

5 or 6 attachment points depending the wheel you choose, select your custom diameter. Weight approximately 0.12kg or 4,2 in SET of TWO.


x2 Stand Off’s available.


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A complete guide of mounting and maintenance instructions are on the “ALL ABOUT RACING” page.

We offer THREE handrim rubber options from thin super thin extremely light to a medium and also a heavy duty rubber. Ideal for sprinters the thin option provides an immediate solid contact to the pushrim and the thick option is comfortable and gentle on the wrist. The medium is in-between. The rubbers have great grip and extremely durable.

Bare rim 4.2 ounces or 0.12kg.

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