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Who's Up For This Ride?
• Athletes who want the best maneuverability, speed and positioning for a great shot!

• Players who want to tap a chair like no other – customized by the Top End Team led by Paul Schulte

• Custom-built, fixed, heat-treated frame in 7005 aluminum

• Adjustable height fixed swivel anti-tip

• 58 mm fifth wheel

• Fixed back with fixed or adjustable height

• Adjustable tension seat and back upholstery

• Fixed axle position with fixed wheelbase

• Fixed camber: 15º,18º or 20º

• High performance Sun® wheels: 24", 25", 26" or 700C

• Four bed offensive wing

• Anodized pushrims

• High pressure clincher tires

• Precision fork caster system

• 72mm casters

• Adjustable height tubular footrest

• Powder coat paint

• Rear frame protector

• Axle securing system

• 250 lb. weight capacity

• Adjustable Center-of-Gravity

• Spinergy® SLX wheels

• Sun® Equalizer™ wheels

• 12 Tab pushrims

• Tapered seat width

• Welded seat rigidizer bars with solid seat

• Double swivel anti-tip/fifth wheel

• Click straps

• Double amputee front-end

• Recessed platform footrest

• Adjustable angle footrest

• Clamp-on fixed aluminum side guards

• Fixed side guards with welded tube

• Fixed aluminum or carbon fiber side guards

• Titanium axles

• Titanium pushrims

• Front frame protectors

• Alignment gauge

• Durable leather back upholstery upgrade

The Take Away Before The Break Away
• The Top End Schulte 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair is fast, light, strong and better than ever featuring 7000 series aluminum material, precision head-tube design and an axle securing system that improve performance to help you perform at your best.

• Material: The big advantage of 7000 aluminum is that it’s 23% stronger than 6061 aluminum. This allows us to reduce the weight.

• Design: New system makes player’s rear wheels secure and solid for a confident feel.

The Designer: Each Invacare Top End Schulte 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair is custom built to each individual athlete’s specifications. This process is overseen by Paul Schulte himself, our Engineering Manager at Top End. Paul has been a member of the USA National Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team for many years playing in multiple Paralympic Games and has held MVP titles both as a junior and in the men’s division of the NWBA. He knows what he wants in a basketball chair and now offers the same performance to you!


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