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Who's Up For This Ride?

Anyone who’s up for tennis – and wants to experience the improvements we’ve engineered in T-5 7000 Series Tennis wheelchair.



• Custom-built fixed frame in 7005 aluminum

• Adjustable height fixed swivel anti-tip

• 58mm fifth wheel

• Fixed back with fixed or adjustable height

• Adjustable tension seat and back upholstery

• Fixed axle position with fixed wheelbase

• Fixed camber: 15º,18º or 20º

• High performance Sun® wheels: 24", 25", 26" or 700C

• Four bed offensive wing

• Anodized pushrims

• High pressure clincher tires

• Precision fork caster system

• 72mm casters

• Adjustable height tubular footrest

• Powder coat paint

• Rear frame protector

• Axle securing system

• 250 lb. weight capacity



• Spinergy®

• SLX wheels

• Sun Fusion wheels

• Adjustable center-of-gravity

• Welded seat rigidizer bars with solid seat

• Telescoping removable anti-tip bar

• Click straps

• Bolt-on fixed side guards

• Fixed side guards with welded tube

• Fixed aluminum or carbon fiber side guards

• Titanium axles

• Titanium pushrims

• Coated pushrims

• Footrest covers

• Frame protectors

• Custom strapping/toe clips

• Alignment gauge

• Adjustable angle footplate/toe clips

• Recessed platform footplate with toe stops/footrest strap

• Kenda® tires

• Close mount/Cut pushrim tab

• O-ring positioning belt


The Take Away Before The Break Away

• Stronger material allows us to reduce wall thickness of the aluminum tubes, reducing the overall weight. Best of all, the rigidity and strength of a 7000 aluminum frame is further enhanced by Top End’s sophisticated heat treating and powder coating process.

• Design: The Top End design team continues to improve the multiple components on the T-5 7000 Series Tennis wheelchair. This system minimizes axle play so that a player’s rear wheels are secure and solid for a confident feel. Lastly, the sleek curved frame members adds a sharp look to the camber tube and swivel anti-tip.

• The Designer: Each T-5 7000 Series Tennis Wheelchair is custom built to each individual athlete’s specifications and this process is overseen by Paul Schulte, our Engineering Manager at Top End. Paul has been a member of the USA National Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team for years playing in multiple Paralympic Games and has held many MVP titles both as a junior and in the men’s division of the NWBA.


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