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Product features

Top End is the world leader in competitive racing wheelchairs, with Racing being a core business strength it is important to continue to lead the world in innovation and development.  By introducing, in limited quantity and availability, the option to purchase a carbon hybrid will give Top End the competitive edge over anyone else in the market. The first product to drive our new NRG series- only the best for the best. The NRG Racer is an elite racing chair, designed specifically for adaptive racing athletes seeking to be at the top of the podium.  It features a hybrid design of advanced carbon fiber technology and a custom fit with enhanced aerodynamics. Top End NRG offers an unsurpassed ride quality- it introduces Top End’s next generation of adaptive sporting equipment.


Features Benefits
Carbon Main Frame We created our fastest, lightest, stiffest, and most responsive ride for our Athletes. Increased tensile strength and tensile modulus which give our racers a smooth ride and controlled handling.
Super Lite Carbon Fork 200 grams full carbon with a more aero dynamic design- which flows into the headtube creating cleaner lines.
Modular Custom Seat Cage This hybrid tailored fitted cage give the racers the ability to fine tuning his or her positioning to put the power to the ground.
Carbon intergraded fenders with side panels Built to accommodate oversize tires.
Field tested 15 months of field testing- making sure we developed the best. The NRG first race we won the LA marathon, and achieved 2 world records during our field testing period.
Truly designed by world class manufacturing Our lab testing put the NRG through a lot- 1 million cycles surpass any of our previous designs.
Unsurpassed Ride Quality From our field testers- Smooth ride- controlled road vibration – amazing power transfer.
Next generation compensator This new and improved racing compensator has a better turning radius with zero-play confidence.
TT Style brake with external cable Multi- position brake lever that can be positioned any where on the steering handle.



Why would I order the Eliminator NRG? The Eliminator NRG is our Level 1 sports product designed for the elite. We created our fastest, lightest, stiffest, and most responsive ride for our racers. Our hybrid design enables us to tailor fit the seat cage. This modular design then marries the seat cage to our carbon main frame and full carbon fork. This combination created a winning product with enhanced tensile strength and tensile modulus which give our racers a smooth ride and controlled handling.

Do I need an Eliminator NRG to compete? Top End has created a platform of Racer for you to work your way to the top. We have the Preliminator for our beginners and when you feel ready you can bump up to the Eliminator with a variety of price points. The NRG is for the racer who only wants the best of the best.

Should I buy carbon for my first Racer? If budget is an issue – and I’ll assume it is because of the price difference – go with aluminum for your first Racer. The reason: as you train and progress in the sport of racing your riding style will change. Once you feel you need to experience the next level then look at investing in the best for the Carbon racer.

Top End’s Next Racing Generation

This new design supplies more Energy (NRG) in every push -Whether you’re sprinting for the finish or pushing hard in the most demanding conditions, you can ride with more power and confidence. The frame is handcrafted using highest-grade composite material to produce a Racer that’s lightweight and stiff, with a sharp, responsive ride. A Carbon fork maximizes aerodynamic and performance. From the track to longer rides, cornering and descents, the new Carbon Hybrid NRG edition- helps you slice through the wind and gain an advantage on the competition. The Carbon mainframe and fork gives a smoother ride helping absorb road vibration. We use advanced materials to create the most customized seat cage on our carbon main-frame and fork. Winning the Top End way!

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